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Raw Pasta

Celebrate Your Senses

Known as one of the local food vendors inside TuDelft University, most beloved places to eat, our Roman Chef Maurizio and enthusiastic Host Jenny take pride in reimagining the way people enjoy and experience food. Setting an ambitious standard for cuisine with our ever-evolving menu and immersive atmosphere, our guests have the privilege of tasting the bold and unique flavours that come from years of passion and experience.


We started our business in TuDelft about 3 years ago, with one goal in mind: providing an enjoyable dining experience inside TuDelft University. Thanks to our experience and dedication, Thanks to our dear customers, we keep providing dishes that are fresh, hearty and classical home Italian cuisine.


PULSE building 33

Sapori di Casa Veggie has opened this cozy corner inside Pulse where highlights our passion for market-fresh ingredients, honest cooking, and an enjoyable atmosphere. Our menu features a selection of dishes, all made in-house, come to visit us! 


Siete I Benvenuti!

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