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Pasta Workshop

Our pasta-making workshop is fun and creative. You will turn you into an Italian pasta expert!

Under the guidance of Chef Morbidelli, you will learn, knead, cut, roll and fill ravioli, tagliatelle,

or other varieties of pasta fresca


This course is including the preparation of two different sauces

Creative Canapè Party

Sharpen your culinary skills in a cooking class at Art & Soul!

Our warm & inviting kitchen is the perfect place to take you on a culinary Italian adventure! 

We are at Delft's market every Thursday and some Saturday

Last Friday of the month in Nieuwe Markt in Amsterdam 

First Sunday of the month in Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam 

Hire a private chef or personal chef and learn Italian food terms for an unforgettable and enjoyable Italian cooking lesson experience 

Combining the right shape of the pasta with the right sauce is considered art in Italy, and you will enjoy the chef's masterpiece

We will work on loyalty through direct relationships, by developing an exchange of information 

From our side, Italian homemade proposals and a personal approach to our service, helping relieve you of the stresses of organizing your event 
From your side, your own tastes, preferences, budget and particular requests

Whatever the size and whatever the query, nothing is too difficult. Our goal is meticulous attention to detail for both the private and corporate market

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